Playlist jazz vendredi 22 et lundi 25 avril 2016

Conte Candoli            Countin’ the blues       février  1960 “Little Band Big Jazz” Real Gone

Jimmy Rushing           The you and me …      avril    1971 “The you and me..” Bluebird

Betty St Claire           Almost like being in love        1955 “Mckusick Betty StClaire” Fresh Sound

Betty St Claire           Why try to change me now      1955 “Mckusick Betty StClaire” Fresh Sound       Jimmy Scott                       I’ve been a fool            janvier  1950 “Everybody’s somebody’s fool” Decca

Sara McFarlane          Angie LA LA                           2014 “If you knew her” Brown Sound

Miles Davis                 My funny Valentine     juillet   1964 “Miles in Tokyo” Columbia

Belmondo Family        Flamingo                     avril     2013 “Mediterranean Sounds” B Flat

Alfio Origlio                Birds                                      2013 “Aqua” Label Tour

Sarah Vaughan           That’s all                     juillet   1958 “Vaughan and violins” Gitanes Jazz

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