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Bill Evans                    My foolish heart           juin      1961     “At Village Vanguard” Riverside           

Fats Waller                 I ain’t got nobody        juin      1937     “Centennial Collection” Bluebird

Kevin Mahogany         Here’s that rainy day               1995     “You got what it takes” Enja

Dusko Goykovich        No love without tears              1995     “Be bop City” Enja

Lionel Hampton           Alone                           mai      1951     “Hamptologia vol. 1” M. G. M.

Karl Ratzer                 Farmer’s charm                                    1995     “Saturn Returning” Enja

Jack Diéval                  The nearness of you     juin      1957     “Rive Gauche” Universal Music

John Coltrane             J.M.’s dream doll         avril     1957     “The dealer” Prestige

George Wallington      I didn’t know what time it was 1951   “Bebop piano” Saga

Abbey Lincoln              Come sunday                           1959     “Abbey is blue” Riverside