Shelly Manne               Softly as in a morning sunrise    novembre 1977 “French Concert” Galaxy  

Vanessa Rubin            His eyes on the sparrow                       juillet 1995 “Sings” Novus R.C.A.                           

Laverne Butler            The blues are out of town         aout 1998 “Blues in the city” MaxxJazz                          

Carla Cook                 Inner city blues                        avril 1998 “It’s all about love” MaxxJazz                           

René Marie                 Tenesee waltz                          mai  2000  “Howw can I keep from singing” MaxxJazz

Mary Stallings             Sunday kind of love                 septembre 2000  “Live Villager Vanguard” MaxxJazz            

Neena Freelon            Journey of the heart                             1994 “Listen” Columbia                                    

Art Tatum – B. de Franco Memories of you                   février 1956 “Tatum-De Franco” Pablo